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Inclusive minutes


We can offer a 1000 Inclusive Minutes (UK landlines + UK mobile) calls package with our VoIP service for £8.00 per extension / month.

All user minutes are pooled across the account

If the 1000 minutes call package is required, then it must be taken out over all the extensions. It is not possible to order 5 phones and have the 1000 minutes applied to only 1 phone. If you have 5 phones then each phone will get 1000 minutes.

If you have 5 phones with 1000 minutes, the 1000 minutes are spread out over all the phones so a single phone can use up to 5000 minutes.

When the 1000 minutes is used up, normal call charges start to apply.

Prices exclude VAT.

01/02 UK Landlines

The inclusive minutes are for UK Landlines and Mobiles only.

  • UK – fixed
  • UK – fixed full transit
  • UK – fixed peers

UK Mobile

  • H3g / Three
  • O2
  • T Mobile
  • Vodafone EE
  • Virtual fw10
  • Manx Telecom
  • Other

Up to a Maximum of 50% of inclusive minutes

03 UK Landlines

Maximum 30% of inclusive minutes only.

  • Special services – g21
  • Special services – UK wide / g21

Maximum 30% of inclusive minutes only.

The minimum contract is just month.

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