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SPF record

If your email has an SPF issue, you may need to set up an SPF record for your domain.

The SPF record is different for each domain hosting company so we cannot tell you what yours should be at this stage.

What is your SPF record?

An SPF record is unique to your domain hosting company. It should be possible to find out what your SPF record should be form the website of the domain hosting company. We may be the reseller but we do not actually host your domain. If we are the reseller of your domain then it is up to us to insert the SPF record.

If your domain is held else where, you should contact your reseller and ask them to insert the SPF record.

If you registered your own domain, you would need to log on to your domain, find where the SPF record goes and insert it.

We can do this for you, all we would need is access to your domain control panel. This service is chargeable.

Check your SPF record

Go to https://www.domaindiagnosis.com/ and enter your domain name. If there is an SPF record associated with your domain, it will appear here.

Want to know more – visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework

This is an external link which we have no control over. At the time of writing, it is accurate.

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