Complaints or service queries

Should you need any help with ay of our systems, and you have followed any (usually online) guides you have been given, please contact Megganet for support.

Almost all issues are dealt with during or immediately after your initial call to us as it is in both out interests to have issue resolved as soon as is reasonably possible.

Our ticketing system, such as it is, is a great way to lodge a service request and it can be used to monitor the progress of the more difficult issues. When you use this system, please if you can, use full and accurate information as well as the correct terms, avoiding ambiguities if possible, for the components in question. Keep the messages short but comprehensive, providing any support information you can offer which helps us determine the issue.

You can select ‘Raise a ticket’ at the top of all our support pages as well as the landing page.

The ticketing system is mobile phone compliant, although you may need to turn your phone to landscape to view the full screen width.

There are potentially factors beyond our control and sometimes beyond our imagination and we would ask you for patience while we investigate. It is not possible for us to make promises on behalf of 3rd party’s and this is may be a cause for complaint.

Rest assured, we will put the full 40 years experience, professional tools at our disposal and the skills of our wholesaler’s to work on any issue arising to expedite an amicable solution.

If there are any significant amendments to this document, we will notify you on your bill or by email.