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Openreach will be stopping all ADSL and FTTC based internet services and we need to move our ADSL and FTTC clients to the new FTTP service.

If you are still using a Megganet ADSL or FTTC internet service, you will soon be receiving a number of emails detailing your new service options.

We have been given until the end of August 2024 to have all our ADSL and FTTC clients upgraded to FTTP. Any clients who have not moved to FTTP or placed an order for FTTP (or ceased their contract or moved away) will be subject to a price rise of £9.50 / month. So, please contact us and make sure you get your FTTP order in as soon as possible. The new FTTP service may cost you less due to the fact you will not be paying line rental anymore.

VoIP services now has its own website!

Due to our phenomenal VoIP uptake, we have created a whole new web site meggavoip.com to handle all our new and existing VoIP customers. Please check it out and let us know what you think!