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Conversion to SOGEA

Openreach will be terminatng all all analogue phone services in favour of an all IP solution on or before 2025. If you have an existing FTTC broadband connection, it will be upgrded to SOGEA or if available FTTP. We (Megganet) will be upgrading our own clients in the comming months. If you wish to switch from your current provider to Megganet SoEGA, just get in touch.

Important to note;

  • The voice side of the phone socket will cease to work. There will be no dial tone or the ability to make or receive calls.
  • Part of our signup offers trhe option for you to retain yourexisting phone number. This option MUST be selected to port your phone number as part of this conversion to SOGEA.
  • Converting broadband ot phone line from another carrier to Megganet SOGEA may generate a cease charge.
  • There may be some rare cases where a line may need to be ceased and re provided within Megganet. The cease charge is £37 + VAT. This may be caused by an LLU service not supplied by BT. In cases like these, we reccommend holding off the upgrade to SOGEA in case the LLU providet provides it later on. We have until the end of 2025 to complete the upgrades.
  • As long as it is a FTTC to SOGEA, no engineer will visit as part of the conversion.

Retaining your existing phone number

We can convert your analogue phone number to VoIP as part of the transition from FTTC to SOGEA. We will offer you the option to port your existing number to SOGEA as part of our sign up. If you do not select this option, your phone number will be lost and it is not ususlly possable to recover it.


If you have an FTTP service, you will already have a full IP solution and you will not need to make any changes.


If for any reason, ADSL is the only service available in your area, Openreach will be introducing an all IP slution which is currently under development.

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