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FTTC (up to 80Mb), FTTP (up to 1GB), Leased lines, VoIP from £6/ month, Security software, Office 365, Email etc.
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Installation support


We can set up and maintain email services we provide on PC’s and Apple computers by remote access at our current per minute fee.

Android and iOS devices

We provide comprehensive instructions on how to do this on our web site but the problem is that iOS and Android are constantly changing and clients may have several mail clients to choose from.

It is virtually impossible to take an end user through setting up an email service on their mobile device over the phone, God knows we have tried. Problems include, entering incorrect details, miss reading terms, mis spelling settings, mistaking characters (such as a lower case L and a capital I) and so on. On top of all that, the different versions of iOS and Android software making up to date instructions appear to be out of date. We have also had end users attempting to retrieve email without their mobile device connected to the internet.

One of my favourite email stories is where we tried desperately to help a client to set up his client@hotmail.co.uk email address. We had to schedule a callout and the mail worked fine when I tried it but I made the client enter it in front of me to try to spot any errors. He was entering client@hotmale.co.uk.

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