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Offsite Backup

Megganet offsite backup

Our offsite backup service is used to backup servers and NAS devices. We manage every step of the process and monitor each backup to ensure successful completion.

This offsite backup program is in addition to your local backup which should be onto disconnected backup drives like external portable hard disk drives and USB drives.

Ideally, you should always have both an off site and an on site backup. Off site for the total disasters and on site for that file which has accidentally been deleted.

We recommend you should always backup your accounts, wages and other important data, independently of your other backup systems.


Your data is encrypted before it is sent from your premises and it is stored on encrypted drives in our data vaults.

Backup speed

This depends on your data up load speed. A standard FTTC upload of 10Mb can transfer up to 60 GB / day and FTTP should be a dot more.

Data recovery

Your data can be recovered using a number of different techniques depending on what you actually need recovered. These include FTP, email, WeTransfer etc. If large volume of data needs to be recovered, we may opt to transfer it to external USB drive.

If your data was backed up NAS to Vault, you should be able to recover it form our Vault directly to your NAS.


We charge £10 + VAT / month for this service. No limit on volume of data and speed is only limited by the slowest part of the connection. There is an initial cost for the configuration and verification process which depends on whether or not an engineer needs to visit or install new hardware. on our site.

If you are backing the data folders of your server, we will need to install appropriate software. It may be better to install an NAS on your premises and have your server backup to the onsite NAS and use our off site vault to back it up online. That way, you have both an on site and an off site backup.

Minimum term

We have a minimum term of 12 months before changing to a 30 day contract.


Payment is made by Direct Debit to Megganet.

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