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Domain name hosting

A domain name for your business means you mean business.

Technically, a domain name is used for finding and identifying web servers, mail servers etc. Our domain is megganet.com. This is a very brief overview but do contact Megganet for further information.

A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers and it can be used in combination of the various domain name extensions, such as .com, .co.uk and many more. Spaces and many non alphanumeric characters are prohibited in a domain name.

Your unique domain name must be registered before you can use it and no two websites can have the same domain name.

Domain names are never purchased outright, instead they are acquired for a year at a time. Sometimes, you will get a better deal if you sign up for several years at a time.

Hosting a domain name

Megganet host domain names and manage the DNS on behalf of clients. A client may requests a DNS change, for example, MX record to host email on a different system, ‘A’ record to host the domain on a 3rd party webserver, SPF record to help reduce spam etc. Since we host the domain, we make the changes on behalf of the client. For some of the changes, a date and time might be required and this is aggreged between Megganet and the person/company requesting the change (i.e. – not the client).

Email server for a domain name hosted elsewhere POP/IMAP

Our native mail service is IMAP or POP and clients who have email hosted on on of these services will have easy access to their email. Clients will also have access to a very stable mail app for Android or iOS.

Hosted or Microsoft Exchange email for a domain name hosted by Megganet

Both Exchange services are supported and details are elsewhere on this website.


As of Jan 2023, ALL domains must be paid for by Direct Debit. You will receive a Direct Debit mandate to fill in and submit before we can proceed with your new domain. This is normal practice. Initial creation and first year domain name hosting may be paid for by credit card and subsequently paid by Direct Debits.

Renewing your domain

We send an invoice (to the registered email address for the accounts for the domain) in advance of your domain expiry date marked as ‘To be paid by Direct Debit shortly’. As long as you do not cancel your domain, it will automatically be renewed for another 12 months.

Hosted or Microsoft Exchange email for a domain name hosted by a 3rd party

If the Name Server (NS) is hosted by Megganet then it is up to Megganet to adjust the MX record, CNAME and SPF (TXT) and any other records as per your mail service providers instructions. Moving mail servers sounds simple enough but in the wrong hands, email, forwards, auto responses, calendar, contacts etc.. may be lost.

If the NS is hosted elsewhere, then we will not be able to make DNS changes.

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