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SOGEA Introduction and pricing

Single 0rder Generic Ethernet Access

The cut off date for analogue phone lines is 2025 and normal analogue phones will be no longer work. This is part of the drive to move the UK to a pure digital communications infrastructure (all IP) and the Government is spending millions to meet this deadline.

In areas where FTTP is not available (and indeed some areas where it may never be made available) SOGEA is the method used to facilitate the all IP service.

SOGEA is essentially FTTC but without the line rental – so you save money there. Since the lines do not have an analogue component, more bandwidth is potentially available for download and upload speeds.


Megganet supply 2 Sogea speeds – 40/20 at £29.99 + VAT = £35.99 and 80/20 for £31.99 + VAT = £38.39.

We will carry out a site survey to assess what service are available at the installation location. If the max speed you are likely to receive is to be much less than 40Mb, then we would only offer you the lower cost option.

The cost is the same price for Domestic or Business.

Contract duration

There is a minimum contract of 18 months from date of installation. If you are still in contract with ether your current internet service provider or you line rental service provider, there may be penalty’s for prematurely ending these services.

Time to install

If you are a Megganet customer we quote 7 working days from order to completion. If you are not a Megganet customer, we would normally quote 7 to 14 working days however, if you need to retain your phone number it may take a bit longer. You will need to fill in and sign an online number port form.


Our SOGEA speed will always be the highest your line can handle. If you are presently an ADSL customer the speed increase could be dramatic. If you are a 80/20 FTTC customer, your speed may increase slightly. It may not be possible to upgrade an ADSL service but contact Megganet and we will give you the most up to date service availability information. We will be introducing a pure digital version of SOGEA for ADSL circuits which are not included in the FTTP service upgrade. The speed of this pure digital service will be similar to current ADSL speeds.

SoGFAST (if available) may reach speeds of up to 330mb/50mb.


If you are presently using an ADSL router without a WAN port, you will need to replace your router.

If you have an ADSL router with a WAN port, you just need to purchase a modem.

If you currently have a VDSL router, you do not need to replace it.

If you have an older or out of date router, you could choose to purchase a replacement.

Phone number

When upgrading your line to SOGEA, and you wish to retain your existing phone number, your phone number will need to be ported form your current analogue service provider to your new one. Megganet can handle the procedure from start to finish.

When ported, your phone lumber will become a VoIP number and can be programmed into a modern VoIP phone. We are a VoIP provider and can take care of the entire process.

Choice of phones

As of April 2022, Megganet is building up an availability list of VoIP phones to choose from. Selection includes, low cost domestic and professional wired or wireless phones to high end receptionist phones from the Yealink range.

Additional services

Please note that if you are retaining a separate existing internet service, until SOGEA goes live, the 30 days notice may mean that you will be paying for the existing service (30 days notice) when the SOGEA is live. If you are upgrading an existing service (ADSL or FTTC), there is no overlap.

If you need to retain your current phone number, Megganet will need to pass on the porting fee (if applicable). As of April 2022 this is a one off fee of £22.

Megganet can provide a full featured VoIP service for for £6 / month + £1.50 per number. So for a single line and single phone, this becomes 7.50 / month. 2 phones with one number would be £13.50 / month.

VoIP call charges should be significantly less than with the analogue lines.

See the VoIP price list for current pricing.

Prices are ex VAT.

Cease a SoGEAservice

Our wholesaler imposes a cessation fee of £38 + VAT.

All the outstanding months will also be charged at the standard SoGEA monthly fee.

If you normally pay by Direct Debit, the charge will be invoiced and paid automatically.

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