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Caller Display

This option allows you to check the incoming callers number before you answer the call.

Your equipment

Please ensure your phone has a caller display function. Also, ensure that your phone is connected directly to the incoming master socket.

Please note that not all calls come from sources which can provide their number to you – sources including, payphones, some switchboards or some other phone providers.

Also, it might be worth noting that the number displayed may in some cases, not be the actual source.

Enabling, Disabling and checking the Caller Display service

*#234#Check whether or not caller identity is to be displayed.
*234#Callers identity will be displayed.
#234#Callers identity will not be displayed.
Caller display options


Make sure your phone supports Caller ID.

Check that the caller ID function has not been disabled on your phone.

Check that the Caller ID function is enabled on your control panel. Get Megganet to show you how to do this.

Caller display may not work if your caller is outside the UK, from another network, made from soe payphones, or the caller has deliberately withheld their number.

The feature requires your phone to be self powered so make sure it is plugged in and if it needs battery’s, replace them. If you use a wireless phone, remove the battery’s and power for about half a minute.

Only use the Master telephone socket when checking the service – disconnect any devices connected to your phone line (Xbox, external ringers, .

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