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Domain ceasing

Payments for domains

In line with other domain resellers, domains must now be paid for in advance and domains not paid for will automatically be ceased.

How to correctly cease a domain

If you no longer wish to retain a web domain /domain name, you must inform me at least 1 month before its renewal date. We require written confirmation or an email from the policy holder / payee before we can cease a domain. Please send this to colum@megganet.com.

Services associated with domains which you will lose

If you have any services associated with your domain, you will lose all of them when a domain is lost. This list includes;

  • All email accounts and email data associated with the domain.
  • New email sent to the expired email addresses will bounce back to the sender.
  • Website.
  • Any redirections on your site or email addresses.
  • Any authentications your domain (DNS, TXT records) are used for.

This is not an exhaustive list and you may have other items connected to your website.

Unpaid domains

Megganet holds a number of registrations for charity’s which we do not charge for.

Change of mind

Once a domain is lost, the registration company may offer a few days remission period. If the domain is not paid for, they can use it themselves for their own purposes or auction it off. If they try to resell it you will have an opportunity to purchase it back usually for no less than £2500.00. We will charge for any work chasseing this up.

Client going into receivership

The responsibility for payment passes to the receiver.

Business ceases

If the domain is for a Limited Company which ceases to trade for any reason, within contract, we reserve the right to use the domain for our own purposes, resell it (to any interested party’s including competitors), place a business cease notification on the web site or dispose of it as we see fit.

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