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Port a number to Megganet

Porting a phone number is the procedure where a client transfers the number from one provider to another.

If you wish to move your current number to Megganet, you will need to port it. The process for single lines is straight forward but gets a bit complex for complex numbers with DDI’s and number ranges but we can handle them all!

Pre order Validation

If there is a complex number – we will usually use a Pre Order Validation to ensure the number/number range is correct. A pre order is sent to your current provider to verify the credentials before commitment. This helps to identify forwarders or DDI’s or anything which may interfere with the order progress. An order is not committed at this stage.

Placing an order

Please ensure that all the details are correct as inaccurate or missing information will cause delays. If all goes well, a number port should take about 5 working days at best.

Step 1/6:
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Please supply us the telephone number or Main Billing Number (MBN) that you wish to port. Insert the full number without spaces (eg 02882831111)

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