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How to email a screenshot

How to send a screenshot as an image by email without losing the detail of the original.

If you use PrintScreen (Prt/Scr) button to get a screenshot and then directly put it into your email program, the resolution may be lowered to a point where the detail becomes illegible.

In order to send a screenshot without loosing detail you should send it in its default resolution.

The best way to do this is to firstly take your screenshot with the PrintScreen (Prt/Scr) button.

Next, open Paint (or other picture editor of your choice).

Next, paste the screen shot into your picture editor.

If necessary, Crop the screenshot so only the relevant part remains. Cropping is especially useful if you have a high-resolution monitor or multiple screens.

Next, save your image onto your computer. The format should be .PNG as this is a lossless format so the detail of the original will be intact. .JPG compresses the image and detail could be lost so for this job, .JPG is not advised.

You could use the format ‘screenshot of document freeze 20-3-21 at 3-30’.

Colons and slashes are not acceptable in filenames so ‘screenshot of document freeze 20/3/21 at 3:30’ would not work.

You can then insert this (screenshot) picture into your email and send it or you could email it as an attachment.

The important thing is not to downgrade the quality of the image. That way, the recipient will get an exact replica of what you see.

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