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Yealink T20P

We have a couple of these reliable T20P phones at the knock down price of just £20 inc VAT.

Yealink T20P

These are not new but they have HD audio quality and can be an extremely low cost route into VoIP.

Ideal for home or low volume back office use, these reliable phones are more than capable of the day to day demands. Phones will be fully serviced, firmware updated and tested prior to dispatch.

Each £16.67 + VAT = £20.

Ordering and availability

Please phone Megganet on 028 8283 1111 to verify availability, final pricing and to place your order. Pricing is and the supply chain are both volatile, however, at the time of writing, stock is good, and prices are correct.

Additional notes

Yealink desktop phones require a power source. If you do not have a POE switch, you will need to order a separate PSU. Also. Office phones and resurrectionists phones are interchangeable as the classifications are for guidance only. A network cable is required to connect the phone to a network socket is included.

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