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FTTC (up to 80Mb), FTTP (up to 1GB), Leased lines, VoIP from £6/ month, Security software, Office 365, Email etc.
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Order Cellular internet

Please read ‘Ordering Cellular internet‘ before proceeding.

Contract is only 30 days so this service is excellent for site huts, temporary accommodation, emergency backup etc.

In areas of questionable signal strength, we will not charge for the installation or the service for the first week. This allows you to preview the service without any commitment. If the equipment needs to be amended to attempt to improve the service we may extend the trial period.

Please fill in, digitally sign and submit the application form below.

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Please note that the address on your most phone bill will be more accurate than a council address.
Start entering your signature by selecting 'Start drawing'. Then select 'Done' or 'Clear' to start again. When you have finished entering your signature, select 'Send at the bottom of this form.

Once your service is up and running we can get the fees sorted and the Direct Debit mandate set up.

This is not a legally binding document until you are satisfied the Cellular internet service is satisfactory.

Remember, Cellular internet performance is not as stable as wired internet and performance can vary significantly from time to time.

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