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Cloud FAX service

No need for a fax machine

Our Megganet Cloud based FAX service removes the need for a fax machine in your office.

Sending a FAX

To send a fax, simply send the document as an email to a specific email address and it will be received on your client’s fax machine. The email address you send your fax to would be in the form of 0288283xxxx@fax.megganet.com where 0288283xxxx is the FAX number of the recipient.

Receiving a FAX

Faxes are received in your email as an attachment so you can read, print, archive, delete or what ever.

Save time and money

No need for a FAX machine, paper or ink/toner and best of all – you do not need to pay line rental for the FAX line any more.

Paying for the service

We charge a nominal fee of £37.50 / year to host the service. After that, you only pay for sending FAX’s by purchasing credits in advance. If you do not send FAX’s, you do not need to purchase any credits.

Using my existing phone number

Yes, you can have your existing FAX number transferred to our Cloud FAX service for a one off fee of £25.

Prices are + VAT

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