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Yealink Busy Lamp Field

Use this to directly program the function keys of your Yealink phone. The model used here as an example is our standard T42 but the technique is similar for most models in the range.

Before you begin, you will need the phones IP address, the phones username and password.

First, obtain the phones IP address. Tap the OK button once.

Obtain the IP – on this phone it is

The IP address in the example above is It will most likely be different on your phone. Once you have obtained the IP – type it directly into the address bar of your internet browser. You may be prompted with some security messages.

Log into the phone with the username and password

Select the Dsskey from the top menu

The Yealink T42 has 5 programable Line Keys on this menu and there are 2 more sets of line keys obtainable from the menu on the left.

First 5 Line Keys programmed

In the above example, Line Key1 dials 1001 which is the Front Office, Line Key2 calls Brian, Line Key3 calls the phone at the counter, and Line Key4 calls the phone in the Canteen.

If the phones are available then there will be a Green light lit beside the appropriate Line Key and if the extension is in use (or DND has been pressed), the BLF will be Red.

Line Key 5 has been configured as a shortcut to voicemail for this particular phone.

Press the Confirm button to save your settings and test if possible.

The finished product!

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