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Cease a wireless internet service

Most of our wireless internet contracts are 30 days notice and officially ends when we get all of the Wireless internet equipment back. Please note that some of our special Wireless internet services (Enhanced service, for exceptional equipment and the higher performance) are for a minimum of 24 months. The wireless internet equipment includes the router, attached antennas, sim, power supply etc. If we installed an external antenna we usually need it as well but, we can collect this by request. We are not bothered if it is a couple of days either way.

How to cease a wireless internet service

Please send an email to colum@megganet.com to let us know you wish to cease your Wireless service and on what date you would like the 30 days notice to start. We will contact you to confirm this and arrange return of the equipment.

If you pay by Standing Order

If you pay Megganet by Standing Order, just let the next Standing Order go through and contact your bank to cease future payment for your Wireless Internet to Megganet. We will refund overpayments if your bank carries out sending Standing Order payments to us – yes, sometimes they do!

If you pay by Direct Debit

It is up to us to cease the payments. If there is an overpayment, it is up to us to refund it.


If you order a cease anytime during January, the 30 days notice takes you into February so February’s payment should transfer as normal.

Ceasing a 24 month contract

If you need to end a 24 month contract early, you will be invoiced the total amount for each month of the remainder of the contract. There may be a contract termination charge as specified in your original contract. This is liable for only specific Wireless services and If this is not mentioned on your original contract, you will not be liable.

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