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Wireless Access Points (WAP’s)

Comparison of TP-Link (WAP’s).

Our range of wired TP-Link WAP’s cover every need from entry level to the most modern highly sophisticated models with the latest features at very competitive pricing.

General info

Our rule used to be that a WAP could send a signal roughly 50 meters and looses about 20 meters per wall. This is no longer true as some walls and ceilings are insulated with aluminium foil which can significantly reduce wireless signal strength. The use of wireless repeaters is very unstable and we don’t resell, recommend or support them.

Types of WAP

For convenience, we have divided WAP’s into 3 distinct groups.

Internal celling mountThese are usually about 25cm x 25cm x 5cm devices which are celling (or wall) mounted. We may also mount these in attic spaces (as long as there is no aluminium foil insulation) to help coverage.
Internal wall plate socketsThese very conveniently fit into a normal mains type wall socket. We use these in modern premises where due to insulation and range, each room needs its own WAP. Each of these WAP’s has a front facing RJ45 socket and a WPS button.
External WAP’sRugged and waterproof designed for the harsh outdoors. Used to cover external areas including parks, yards, building sites and so on. Can be set up to provide a wireless link between two locations such as a main building and surrounding sheds for security cameras.
3 main types of WAP

These WAP’s may be subdivided by levels of performance, range, network speed, security, features, version of Wi-Fi etc. An entry level WAP costs around £34 and a very high end model with Wi-Fi 6 and a 2.5Gb network is as much as £190. All types of WAP we provide will use their own individual POE injector so a POE switch is not needed.

If you have a large premises to cover if you need a public facing Wi-Fi, contact Megganet and we will advise on the most suitable equipment, locations of WAP’s, security and cost etc.

Only one internet connection needed for public and private network

Secure Guest connections for the public can be programmed into a secure VLAN completely isolating them from your business devices (tills, credit card machines, routing equipment, cameras, servers, computers etc.). This means a single internet connection can be used to provide internet for your entire premises.

The popular EAP115 is not usually supplied with a PSU. You can use either a POE switch or individual PoE(IEEE 802.3af) power supplies.

Cloud control with Omada

You can control your entire network using a special Omada controller connected to your network. This device will allow you to log into any of your premises to check up on every Omada compatible device including Switches and routers. You can also change SSID, Wi-Fi keys on all devices instantly. Firmware can be updated on all devices in a single attempt.

Best of all, the cloud control software is included with the device and there is no ongoing payments to be made to use it. Better again- it works just as well on your web enabled phone as it does from your office computer.

Contact Megganet on 028 8283 1111 for more information

Click here for full current Omada equipment compatibility list on TP-Links website.

Prices are + VAT.

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