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The all IP future

Moving to the all IP future

By 2025, Openreach will have switched from analogue lines to an all IP infrastructure. You will save on the line rental as it you no longer need to pay for it separately.

Local, International and Mobile VoIP phone calls can cost a fraction of land line based calls.

Who should read this document?

If you are using ADSL or FTTC then your current internet service is delivered using the expiring analogue lines and you will need to upgrade to retain your internet service.

Most of our clients are already using an all IP service and if you are one of these, then you will not need to read any further.

Megganet clients will be receiving an email (if not already) with clear upgrade steps and costs and savings. The email will be specific to your service and will contain all the options open to yourself for the future.

There are different processes for converting ADSL and FTTC to all IP and we will go through these individually.

If you are unsure which service you are currently using, you can log into your ‘Control panel‘. Contact Megganet if you need help with your login credentials.

Upgrading an FTTC service to all IP

Once again, we need to verify from Openreach, which ‘all IP’ services are available.

  • If FTTP is available, then, as with ADSL, this will be the only upgrade option available. FTTP is more stable then SOGEA, lower pings and can be ordered up to 1,000 Mb.

  • If FTTP is not available then we may need to convert the service to SOGEA. Speed will be similar to the FTTC speed with a maximum of 800Mb.

Retaining your phone number

Analogue phones do not work with an IP service by default so you would need to specify whether or not to port your existing phone number from analogue to a digital service (VoIP).

There is a one off cost to transfer your number which at the time of writing is £22. Each VoIP phone service would then cost £6 per month. If you wish, you may order a Wireless phone with up to 6 wireless extensions of it own. This only requires one VoIP phone service.

Cost comparisons

Move from FTTC to SOGEA – not keeping your phone number.

Line rental£16.00N/AN/A
If FTTP is available at your premises, we may not be able to offer SOGEA

Move from FTTC to SOGEA – keeping your phone number.

Line rental£16.00N/AN/A
1 x VoIP extensionN/A£6.00£6.00
The advantage here is that FTTP offers a much higher speed and more stable internet connection

In the example above, the FTTP service is 80/20. The SOGEA service speed is the highest available at the time. If you are upgrading from FTTC to SOGEA, the speed will likely not change significantly.

You may need to upgrade your internet router to take advantage of the new speeds.

Prices are + VAT. Clients not paying by Direct Debit may be charged £1 / month.

Contract renewal

When a service is upgraded or regraded, the contract duration is reset so each contract has a minimum of 12 months.

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