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A guide to leased line diagnostics

Please follow these guidelines to ensure the fastest possible resolution. Remember, you will need to follow the instructions in your welcome letter before phoning support. Both the Office hours and out of office hours are recorded in your welcome letter. Do not call Megganet as we will be unable to carry out this step for you.

Slow performance / Speed issues

Slow speeds can be frustrating for a customer. Our main aim is to ensure that we can see evidence of the speeds achieved and to understand if there are any patterns to the poor performance in relation to the perceived or expected performance. Please can you complete any tests using the following tool located within our network:


Please record at least 3 tests and submit the results to us in the following format:

TEST 1 SPEED RESULT (download / upload):
TEST 2 SPEED RESULT (download / upload):
TEST 3 SPEED RESULT (download / upload):

Packet loss

In order for us to understand a packet loss situation it’s imperative that this can be demonstrated to us in the form of an MTR test. We have a comprehensive document explaining how to run these tests and understanding the results.

We request that any MTR tests are run in both directions. For example, you would run an MTR from the leased line end-point to another IP address for at least 5 minutes. Complete the same test, this time from the destination IP to one of the leased line IP addresses. Save all results in plain text format for submission to us. This will help confirm the path traffic is taking and should highlight the source of any losses.

Should a bi-directional test not be possible, then please complete an MTR test to a suitable destination (eg bbc.co.uk) and supply the results. These in themselves may provide us with the clues we need to understand the fault.

Complete outage

Disaster has struck and your leased line isn’t functioning. Before reaching for the phone there are a few checks we would like you to complete:

  • Have you made sure that power is supplied to the NTE (the beige equipment the fibre cable is connected to). Also, make sure there is power supplied to the router?
  • If power is showing to both boxes (ie lights are lit on them), please can you power them off, wait 30 seconds, and power them back on. Wait for up to 5 minutes for them to settle and connect.

At this point you will need to proceed to your control panel, and you MUST complete all checks before phoning support.

Go to control.megganet.com and enter your log on credentials (in your welcome letter).

This will work on a mobile phone or any device not using your WAN.

1 – Hover over ‘Broadband’ in the top menu
2 – Select ‘Leased Lines’ from the menu
3 – Select the option to ‘Manage’ leased lines
4 – Edit the leased line with the fault condition
5 – Click on the fault’s icon

This is a wizard which will guide you through basic steps we expect you to have completed prior to proceeding any further and allows us to collect all the details from you including the fault description, access hours and contact information. Staff will be alerted around the clock to any faults you raise.

Fault repair may not start straight away if immediate and continuous access cannot be granted at time of raising.

The support SLA clock starts at this point.

Details we need from you

When you raise a leased line fault with us, this is the information we expect from you. If you can have this ready it will make the process quicker.

  • What is the postcode of the site?
  • What is your account username? We will send confirmation emails to the support email address on this account
  • Please supply at least one or more on-site name and number
  • Can 24/7 access be granted to the site? If not, please confirm the hours of operation.
  • Please confirm if the NTU and router have been rebooted.
  • Unless you are raising this as a complete outage, would you prefer tests to be carried out at a specific time?

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