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Bandwidth calculator

Calculate your required minimum bandwidth

The following table can be used to work out what your bandwidth requirements are.

TV and streaming services

If you are presently using a very slow internet connection and you upgrade to a faster one, you may discover a host of other internet related uses such as Hi definition TV, Streaming, Video Conferencing et cetera.

Video streaming providerSDHD4K
Amazon Prime1525
Apple TV+n/a825
BBC iPlayer2524
Brit Box36.5n/a
BT Sport3.5830
Google play Movies & TVn/an/a15
ITV X (only ITV 1 is available in HD)35n/a
NOW TV312n/a
Minimum speeds in Mb, required for typical services and resolutions

Please note that very high action video may require a higher speeds to avoid the dreaded buffering.

These speeds are roughly correct at time of creating this web page – May 2023.

Speeds are per service, so if you expect to be running 2 x Netflix at 4


A VoIP call requires 100 kbps per call both download and upload for a clear line. If the line is to be used for other internet traffic, it may well cause your line to start to break up. Megganet uses routers which can reserve bandwidth specifically for VoIP. Our routers can also prioritize VoIP traffic, cutting down the chances of break ups in the conversation.


The general rule is 3 to 5Mb but a low ping is best. ADSL is fair enough if the speeds are good but FTTC has better pings and FTTP at any speed will have the lowest pings of all.

Bar and restaurant

For tills and digital order takers,, 5Mb upwards is fine and, since this is a realtime service, low pings would be preferable.

Public facing services

If you are hosting a publicly available internet service (Wi-Fi in a restaurant, bar, library, school,etc), just go for the highest speed available. I have no recollection of the ping speed being a factor (unless the service is also used by data collection devices or Wi-Fi connected credit card machines). With Wi-Fi credit card machines, I personally recommend getting them hard wired if possible as it’s a lot more stable. If you are using Wi-Fi, you will get complaints anyway, but with higher speeds, you will get less.

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