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Broadband connection fault finding checklist.

This document is to help what identify the cause of an ADSL/FTTC broadband connection fault. Speed problems are dealt with elsewhere

This is a general document and only part of it may be relevant as the symptoms are different from fault to fault but do read each section in turn to rule out each issue.

First – Wi-Fi is not internet. You should not use a Wi-Fi connected device to make assumptions about Internet connections because Wi-Fi connected devices are subject to extraneous factors which can lead to misleading information.

Next – all the following checks should be made to ensure the problem is not within your premises. If an Openreach engineer is called to your premises and a fault is found on your premises, you will be liable to pay for the callout which now is about £133 VAT. Openreach is responsible for the telephone line running to the back of the Master socket in your premises. Everything including the faceplate, into your premises is your responsibility.

Do not touch the ‘Reset’ button on the router. If you reset your router, it will resort to factory settings, and you will not be able to reconnect. This will mean your router will need to be reprogrammed and we charge for this service.

Check the service on your control panel

You can log into your control panel at control.megganet.com you do not need to type in http or www.

Log on with the username we emailed (or sent to you in your cover letter) to you. The password would have been sent by txt. If you need these details, email me a request for them. For security, we can only send you your password to the mobile phone number recorded on our system.

You can check your internet status and check for system outages in your area by going to your control panel. The control panel is web based and you can use any web enabled device (mobile phone) to gain access to it. If you have any problems, please contact Megganet.

In this scenario let us assume, your broadband service is cut off or intermittent at the router.

Check your broadband filter

Two types of filters are provided; one is the popular rat tail variant which plugs into your master socket and the other is built into the master socket.

The rat tail filters are best tested by substitution and spares are available from Megganet.

Filters which are used for ADSL will also work with FTTC

Filters are best tested by substitution and spares are available from Megganet.

The rat tail filters are best tested by substitution and spares are available from Megganet.

You can test a faceplate filter without having one to substitute it with – just use a rat tail one instead. Just remove the faceplate filter on your Openreach Master socket and plug a rat tail filter into the Telephone socket below it. This socket is referred to as the ‘test socket’.

If you need a faceplate filter, just give me a call and I will see what I can do

Check the phone line coming into your house

To do this, connect a wired phone to the master socket (filtered) cand heck for the line quality.

1 – If the line is dead – check with a 2nd phone to double check. If the line is still dead, remove the filter and connect the phone cable directly to the Master socket. This verifies whether the filter is causing the line to appear to be dead. If the phone line is dead, you should use a different phone to contact your telephone line provider. Get them to do a line check while you are on the line with them. This check will take a few minutes. If they confirm a line fault, ask them for a resolution time.

2 – If your broadband service is intermittent, it could be very difficult to identify the source of the fault as it can only be traced while it is in its fault condition. Carry out the line checks as above and if you have a dead line or a line with crackle / noise / interference, then report it to your telephone line provider.

Check that the router is working

If there are no lights lit on the router it or its power supply may be faulty. Try plugging the router into a different mains socket and remove the power supply connector from the router and push it back on again. If the router is faulty call Megganet to arrange a replacement. If this is a warranty replacement you will not be charged. If the router has been damaged out of warranty, we would have to charge for a replacement. Please note, you are at liberty to use a router other than the one we supply, and your internet logon credentials are available on your control panel. Phone Megganet if you need any help with logging on to your control panel.

Check that internet is available at the router

There will be an ‘internet’ light on the router if it is not lit up, carry out the following checks. If you don’t know what this light looks like or it is not clearly marked, you could work out which one it is by following these steps. It should be possible to identify the power light and the Wi-Fi light. Next if you have network cables attached to your router, remove them so they will not cause any lights to be lit up. There are 2 lights for your broadband service. One is ‘Internet/DSL’ which indicates that there is a connection between your router and the internet, and the 2nd light indicates whether your router has authenticated your service online.

Unplug the router for 10 seconds. Plug it in again and watch the sequence of lights coming on. The power will be first, the Wi-Fi may come on second. The third light to come on should be the ‘Internet/DSL’ light and finally the fourth light should be your ‘authentication’ light. The authentication’ may take up to 5 minutes to lock on.

If the ‘Internet/DSL’ light is on and the ‘authentication’ light does not come on within 5 minutes, your router may have been reset or the router may be faulty.

If both the ‘Internet/DSL’ light is on and the ‘authentication’ light is and you are still unable to receive internet you will need to connect a computer to the router by network cable. Disconnect any other network cables from the router. Restart both the router and the computer.

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