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Allocate function keys

How to program the function keys on a Yealink phone.

The procedure is similar for most Yealink phones. The main difference really is the quantity of programable keys. This is a cloud based system so you do not need to have the phone present to program it.

Only the system Administrator for your organisation (or Megganet) can re program the function keys of the phones. Go to control.megganet.com and log on to your organisations control panel with Administrator credentials.

After logging on as Administrator for your organisation

Select ‘Telecoms‘ from the top menu.

Customer specific information covered by Orange rectangle for privacy

Select ‘Manage‘ under the Action.

Select ‘Devices‘ from this page

After selecting ‘Devices’, select the wrench icon under actions. If you have more than one device, the others will show up here as in the pic below.

List of available devices within the Devices menu

From the above menu, select the appropriate device by clicking on the Wrench icon under Actions.

The ‘Edit Device‘ menu

From the above ‘Edit Device‘ page, select ‘Key Assignment‘.

The ‘Key Assignment‘ page

The programable Line key at the bottom right (in purple) opens a 2nd and 3rd menu. lets say we want ‘Line Key 1‘ to ring Megganet (make an external call). Lets say we want ‘Line key 2‘ to automatically connect to extension 1012 which is used by Brian and finally, lets make ‘Line Key 3‘ into a shortcut to the transfer button.

Example of programming the keys

Feel free to experiment with the key configurations and programming.

When you have finished programming the phone, you will need to save the settings. Then click the ‘Reboot/Reprovision‘ button above. Make sure the phone is not in use when your reboot it.

Screen of a T42U office phone after the programming steps above

When complete, you should test as many of the changes as possible to ensure they work as intended.

If you have several phones you need set up with the same settings, you can select ‘Copy to Other Devices‘.

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