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Microsoft NCE

New Commerce Experience

This information is for all versions of Microsoft 365 Business, Teams, Office 365, Exchange email and a few other Microsoft products.

If you have not received a letter or email from us then this does not affect you, but do feel free to send us an email requesting your current status.

Microsoft Apps for Business and Microsoft hosted exchange subscriptions are provided on a strictly annual basis only.

Basically, when you had Microsoft Office 365 subscription or Microsoft hosted exchange email, you were able to disconnect from it with One months notice. Now, these Microsoft products are available on an annual commitment only and they are automatically renewed annually, for another full year. Please note that some Microsoft products, under certain circumstances may not expire for 2 years.

Please note that your annual renewal date could be any day within the relevant month.

A list of products we supply to you and the annual renewal date for each of them will have been sent to you by email. If you have multiple services, the annual renewal date may be different for each. We can re send you this information by request.

Affects all Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange email users as well as a few other Microsoft products, email us if you are in any doubt about which products you have from us which may be included

Ceasing a Microsoft annual commitment

You must inform us at least Thirty days before the annual renewal date itemising the specific contract you wish to cease using. We should confirm your request within Two working days.

If you wish to cease using one or more of the of the Microsoft annual commitment services before the end of the annual renewal period, you will be liable for payment for the service for the remainder of the contracted period.

We acknowledge that this could potentially mean paying for a service which may not be used for extra months and that it will particularly affect clients with high turnover of staff. Unfortunately, this is Microsoft policy and there is no room for manoeuvre.

At the moment we are using the monthly Direct Debit billing model whereby clients are charged monthly by Direct Debit, which is normal enough. Please contact Megganet if you wish to change this to an annual subscription.

Naturally, we are not happy with this change as it effectively represents an increase in fees but there is nothing we can do about it.

What about Megganet POP and IMAP mail services?

This does not effect our POP or IMAP clients who still have a 30 day roll on roll of charging system in place.

Hosted Exchange (as opposed to Microsoft Hosted Exchange)

Microsoft are continually changing contracts and at the time of updating this web page, we were still waiting for a firm update to proceed with. Until further notice we are proceeding on the premise that Hosted Exchange users are not subject to this ruling and we will continue with our current Thirty days notice.

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