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Order new line with ADSL or FTTC internet

Please note – We are no longer accepting ISNN or ISDN 30 orders as they are due to be fazed out soon.

Pre requisites

  • Please ensure you have created a user account on our system.
  • Contact name and phone number of the installer
  • Second contact name and number for the installer.
  • Double check the line rental cost and add the cost of your preferred internet service is for a new line installation with an internet service.

Single PSTN line order with ADSL/FTTC

Place an order for one service, i.e. a Residential or Business PSTN service, including Multi-Line Aux and Single Lines. Can support ADSL or FTTC simultaneous broadband provision.

Please fill in and submit the form below and we will double check all the details and contact you to confirm or update your order and advise you appropriately.

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Please note that the address on your most phone bill will be more accurate than a council address.
We will use this to contact you re updates and TXT you passwords and other important information.
If this is within a Company, please enter the name here as it will help the engineer locate the premises.
Enter a hazard note, such a beware of the dog or builders present.

The PSTN part of your order

The line type is ‘Single PSTN’.

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