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FTTC Prices


This page is retained only for records and will be deleted in due course.

Please phone Megganet for availability at your location.


All services are unlimited downloads. Standard router provided.

  • All our FTTC services are unlimited download, no funnelling and are VoIP ready at no extra cost.
  • FREE installation.
  • £2.00 DISCOUNT when service when you take our line rental as well.

18 month contract (prices include VAT)

FTTC 40/10 Unlimited Plus Our Line Rental£24.99
FTTC 40/10 Unlimited Plus 3rd Party Line Rental£26.99
FTTC 80/20 Unlimited Plus Our Line Rental£27.99
FTTC 80/20 Unlimited Plus 3rd Party Line Rental£29.99
Prices include VAT.

Note – special discount

If you get a phone line and an FTTC service from Megganet, we will discount the fee by £2.00 per month. This means that you can order an 80/20MB Internet service at £27.99 and get our landline service for £14.99 together for £42.98 MINUS £2.00 = just £40.98 including VAT.

Static IP

We will provide your unique static IP for £5.00 / Month.

Engineer install

When our engineer visits, you will get a full system wide optimisation and quality of service risk assessment which includes checking the wiring of your master telephone socket, checking extensions and checking your internal wireless. There may be a fee for an engineer callout but we will advise you well in advance.

Do NOT press the reset button on your internet equipment

Do NOT press the ‘Reset’ button on any of your internet equipment as this will wipe its settings and your cause your equipment to fail. We will then need to reprogram the equipment to get it to work again. This is not a warranty repair and we will charge for a callout and reprograming the router at our normal rates – so please avoid the reset buttons!

Cease an FTTC service

If you need to completely cease an FTTC service there will be a cessation fee of £38 + VAT. This cessation fee imposed by our wholesaler. Please note, if you cease the phone line the FTTC service is provided on, the charge will still stand. If you change the FTTC service to another type of service (for example, ADSL, SoGEA, FTTP etc), the charge will still stand.

If you normally pay by Direct Debit, the charge will be invoiced and paid automatically.

All outstanding months fees will also need to be paid.

There is no cessation fee for cancelling a phone line outside contract.

Equipment we use

Megganet provide a popular pre programmed standard modem. You also get an internet filter, RJ11 to RJ11 cable and a network cable to connect to your PC. The Wi-Fi key will be printed on the router for your convenience.

Recycling valuable equipment

Occasionally, we may use quality refurbished Routers to keep costs down and reduce waste.


Initial payments can be payed by Credit Card and all on going payments are to be payed by Direct Debit.

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