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FTTC (up to 80Mb), FTTP (up to 1GB), Leased lines, VoIP from £6/ month, Security software, Office 365, Email etc.
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Lines and Calls

Please note – We are no longer accepting ISNN or ISDN 30 orders as they are due to be fazed out soon.


Megganet have been providing telephone lines for over 10 years and have built up a reputation for reliable high quality telephone service and after sales care and attention.


We charge a flat £14.99 (including VAT) monthly line rental per line which has our standard service level agreement. We have several service levels, all backed up by Openreach so you can be confident, you are getting top drawer after sales service. Remember we give our clients a £2.00 / month discount when both internet and land line are provided by us on the same line. You can order the 2 services at different times – we will still give you the discount!

Calls prices range from 1ppm for local calls and 3ppm for calls to most mobile networks. Full rate card is available by request. Simply click the ‘Request rate card’ link and we will email it to you. Sometimes, call charges form local or foreign providers can increase or decrease in price without notice to us.

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