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Ordering Cellular internet

Who do we provide Cellular internet to?

We provide Cellular internet for clients who are unable to obtain an internet service by any other means.

Our Cellular internet uses data channels within the mobile phone network and as such are subject to the prevailing signal strength in your area. We offer a variety of antennas from narrow band attached antennas to directional high gain models to get the best possible signal stability and signal strength. This is different from the data speed as it depends on the volume of users currently using the same mast, as well as a host of other factors. See the Cellular internet self help guide for more information.

Ordering Cellular internet

Contact Megganet at the number on the top of every web page on this site or fill in the application form.

Availability check

Megganet will process your order and verify signal strength in your area before contacting you to confirm whether or not there is availability.


At that point, we can arrange an installation. We have a maximum installation charge of £50 and we also charge for equipment other than the Router itself. This is because, we require the router back when it is no longer needed.

Additional works

If the installation requires high gain antennas or other additional equipment, we will not exceed our installation fee. Performance varies significantly form time to time and for a variety of reasons and sometimes the initial installation may need to be re visited to improve the service (usually re locating the router or mounting external antennas).


We will send you a Direct Debit mandate by email to cover the monthly ongoing fees. We have 2 systems, each with its own advantages. The standard service is £24.99 / month and our high performance service is £34.99. In some cases, only the high performance service will work and visa versa. Typically, the high performance service can transfer data at 2 or 3 times the speed of the standard service.

Prices exclude VAT.

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