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FTTC (up to 80Mb), FTTP (up to 1GB), Leased lines, VoIP from £6/ month, Security software, Office 365, Email etc.
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Current phone and VoIP contract

This covers standard phone lines and VoIP services.

The available services, terms, conditions and fees are constantly changing and being reviewed. If you need a copy of the current phone and VoIP services contract, please send me a request by filling out and submitting the one line form below. Please note that you will receive 2 documents – one will be the ‘Master Services Agreement’ which covers the services Megganet offers and the second one will be specific to the service you require.

Contracts are private so we can only send the document to the email address registered for the relevant service.

Enter the registered email address here to request the relevant contract. If you have any difficulty, please phone Megganet on 028 8283 1111 and we will be happy to arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

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Thank you.

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