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Remote Support

Remote support fees – from Jan 2022

When we need to do callout to a client, we are usually not able to visit immediately and sometimes not for a few days.  To help get round this problem, we purchased ConnectWise, an excellent remote support system.  This usually means we can sort out our clients issues before the end of the phone call. This massively reduces the time to resolution and avoids having to pay a callout fee and an hourly rate.

The shift in the support we do has been moving further from callouts to telephone and remote support.  This has meant that we are now spending more time remote supporting our maintenance and non maintenance clients than ever before.  Not all our clients are under maintenance and it is only fair that non maintenance clients now pay for technical support.


The actual fee is based on our current hourly rate for your company and at the end of each month, we will issue a clearly itemised invoice. If you are a Direct Debit client, the invoice will be marked, ‘To be taken by Direct Debit shortly’.

Maintenance clients

Our maintenance clients will not be affected by this.

Ad hoc support

We use ConnectWise for both Ad Hoc and pre emptive support and all PC’s we supply to business will will request consent to build in this function. Other PC’s may have this feature optionally installed.

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