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Optimal cellular db readings

For technical support only.

Cellular router (4g, 5g LTE etc..) signal strengths can be a bit confusing and difficult to realize in reality – for example a really good signal may result in lower speeds than a high signal strength. This is usually caused by too much signal from multiple sources including interference corrupting the data.

If a Cellular router displays a signal strength of half or more of its LED’s than we would say that it is good enough. Eg – if your router has 3 LED’s then 2 are good enough.

A second contributory factor affecting the overall data speed is how much your router is allocated from the mast. In layman’s terms, If the mast can handle 100 Mb and there are 10 people using it at the same time as your cellular router then you could expect the speed to be divided by 10 giving you 10Mb.

This means you can have a high signal strength but very low data speeds.

LTE and 3GLTE OnlyLTE OnlyLTE Only
Best> -65> 12.5> -5> -84
Good-65 to -7510 to 12.5-9 to -5-85 to -102
Fair-75 to -857 to 10-12 to -9-103 to -111
Poor< -85< 7< -12< -111
Optimal readings table

The table above demonstrates the signal strength requirements for a cellular service. Some routers are locked and will need a Megganet engineer to access these readings. Not all routers will be able to show their readings so all we can go by is the signal strength meter or the router itself.

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