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Run book

What is a Run book?

This is a document or series of documents used to record all the settings used by your computer systems. This includes, domain registration records, network mapping, licence records, installation records and so on.

What happens if this information is unavailable?

Without an up to date runbook, domains, software, email, access to password protected systems could be lost and all may need to be re purchased, installed and configured again.

Can clients request their run book?

We are cautious about who gets sensitive company information so we limit access to the most senior person. However, we will give relevant parts to the relevant personnel as and when necessary. For example, we will give FTP information to a web designer and we will give email account details to the relevant personnel.

If we feel that the contents may be exploited inappropriately or we feel that the recipient may be unaware of the potential damage they could cause, we will issue a caveat absolving us of all potential problems that might be caused.

An example is where a client may change the recovery phone number for an account. The client may change their phone number thus loosing the ability to recover the relevant account details.

Up to date account

Before we release a Run book to a client, we would need all of their accounts fully up to date including any future payments under contract. A type of future payment would be ‘Microsoft apps for Business’ which is a 12 month contract paid for monthly.

For the removal of doubt (for example), if the ‘Microsoft apps for Business’ subscription ends in August and the Runbook is requested in January, we will need fully paid for the subscription up to and including August (8 months).


Having access to the contents of the Runbook does not constitute ownership of the of the services – just access to them. Some systems cannot be transferred and should be cancelled and renewed as necessary.

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