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Buying a printer

Considerations when buying a home or small office printer.

Pre sales tips

Gather what information you can regarding what the printer is to be used for and how long you want it to last. Some printers are rated as a per month usage – these numbers are frequently ridiculously high but can be referred to If you wish to compare one printers estimated throughput with another.

Please note that most printers are sold with ‘starter’ cartridges which print a small quantity of pages. We recommend ordering a full set of cartridges with the printer at time of ordering.

Paper usage

If you are replacing a printer then working the estimated paper usage is simple – how many reams did you buy last time? when did you buy them? and how many are left?

Otherwise, make an educated guess and error on the high side if possible.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Ultimately the cost of the printer is the average price per page printed through the entire life of the printer. Download our Printer TCO calculator here. Use File, Save As to download this document and edit it to suit your own choices.

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Cost less to buy, Fine for low volume workloads.
Usually faster with better quality printout. Also may be better for volume printer.
Facility to photocopy.
Scan a document to computer, server USB drive etc.
Really? yes you can still have this option.
Suitable for multiple users or single computer use.
Really only suitable for single computer use.
Out of date connection type. Offered on very few printers.
Usually means the printer connects to a wireless router. The computer would then set it up as a network printer. Some printers offer Wireless Direct where you can connect your laptop directly to the Printer wirelessly.
This is a form of printing from Mobile divices like Android or Apple phones.

Aftersales tips

Keep at least one of each colour available in case the printer runs out unexpectedly. Some colour printers will not print at all if a single colour has run out.

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