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Feature Dial Codes

Call forward

When you need to take calls on another device. Useful if you need your incoming calls diverted to your mobile when you are out of the office. This feature is available from your online control panel.


  • Manage call forwarding for your user.
  • To enable it, dial *72.
  • Listen to the message and enter the number you would like to forward calls to.
  • To update the forward number, dial *56.
  • To disable it, dial *73.

Voicemail – check mailbox

If the message indicator on your VoIP phone is illuminated, or if you lift your receiver and you hear the dial tone sounding 4 times in quick succession, there will be 1 or more messages you may not have heard.

*97Check Voicemail
*98Check Voicemail (Auto Login)
1571Check Voicemail (Auto Login)

  • Check voicemail box for any extension number or a logged user in the device.
  • To check any voicemail box, dial *97.
  • Listen to the message and enter the voicemail extension and PIN code. If the PIN code is not set up in the voicemail, it will not be possible to check the voicemail messages from this feature code.
  • If your user is logged into a device and you want to check the user’s voicemail box, dial *98 or 1571.

Please note, you can listen to your messages and all calls (for up to 30 days) by logging onto your control panel.

Call recording

Record a call.

*1Enable recording
*2Disable recording

  • The VoIP User must have call recording facilities enabled.
  • Make a call.
  • To disable call recording temporarily, dial *2.
  • To re-enable recording, dial *1.

Privacy (withhold your outgoing number)

Keep your number private from the person you are calling.

*67Withhold outgoing number

  • To enable caller name and number privacy for outbound calls, dial *67 followed by the phone number you are calling.
  • Your call will be presented to the end user as ‘Private Number’.

Directed pickup

Use this feature to pick up an call which is ringing on another extension.

*87Directed pickup

Change your Out Going Message (OGM)

Dial *97 or *98 and follow the prompts.

Last inbound number

1471What was the last caller’s number?

  • 1471 tells you the last number that called when available.
  • If the last number is available, you can return the call by pressing ‘3’.

If there are any other special features, email me and, if available, I will get them posted here.

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