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Archer 64

How to configure an Archer C64 form new or recently reset. This is our standard domestic router for connections with download speeds in excess of 80Mb.

There is no modem in this router so if you need to use it with FTTC or SOGEA, you will need a modem such as the Openreach EchoLife HG812.

Make sure the WAN port (Coloured Blue) on the Archer C64 connects to your modem or ONT and that the appropriate lights are illuminated.

Before you reprogram your router you will need to know your internet username and password. If you are an Megganet client then your username will be x@megganet.com where x is your unique identifier. You will also neend your internet password. Both these will have been sent to you in your welcome letter. If you don’t have this, we can send you your internet username by email and password by TXT/WhatsApp.

Connect the router to your PC with a network cable and browse to the Router’s web page by entering in the address bar.

The default IP of the Archer C64 is

Set the administrator username and password

The administrator username is always ‘admin’ on this model so you only need to enter a new router password as below. When finished, select ‘Let’s Get Started‘.

Enter a new router administrator password

Enter the time zone and select ‘NEXT‘.

Select PPPoE and select ‘NEXT
Enter your internet username and password and select ‘NEXT

You can configure your Wi-Fi SSID and password if you wish. Select ‘NEXT‘ when complete

The router will spend about a minute authenticating

Here is where you can opt for the cloud service – we just select ‘Skip
The installation is complete.

Note the ‘UPGRADE’ link on the top right. This upgrades the firmware of your router. Select ‘UPGRADE’ and follow the instructions. You must not switch off the router during this process. Please note, when the router has completed a firmware upgrade. check for other firmware upgrades as there may be several.

Another upgrade to be carried out

How to completely reset the router

You must NOT reset your router unless you have a very good reason to do so.

This resets your router to new and once done, it will no longer work without being reprogrammed. If you reset your router and you need an engineer out to reprogram it, there will be a callout charge.

Using a paperclip or something similar, press the discrete reset button and hold it in for about 10 seconds.

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