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Get Teams

Teams has been pushed hard by Microsoft by installing it as part of your windows update and making it pop up every time you start Windows. If, teams is not already installed on your PC, you can download it here;

Free versions

There appears to be a few free versions of Teams available for a short period. If you accidently sign up for one of these, you will find it has a short life before MS demand you start paying to continue use it.

If you have signed up with one email address (used as your Teams username) and you wish to purchase and use Teams with another email address, you will need to inform your colleagues of your new email address.


Teams licences are annual. This means if you purchase one on January 1st, it is active till December 31st. It will need to be paid for the full year. If it is required (or we are not told that it is not needed any more) for one year and a day, it will need to be paid for the full 2 years. This is a Microsoft issue and purchasing a Teams licence means agreeing to this.


Payment for Microsoft licences are by Direct Debit only. If you don’t have a Direct Debit mandate set up to Megganet, you will be sent a request from our bank to get a one set up. Once created, we proceed with the order.

Online and downloaded version

The online version is handy if you don’t want to install the full version. It might be a bit laggy and the quality may not be all that good but it is usable.

Some versions of Microsoft Office 365 come with Teams and some don’t. If your version of Office 365 doesn’t have Teams, then you will need to purchase a seperate licence.

The installed version should start up and run much better than the online version.

Acquiring the full version

If you wish to purchase a Teams licence, you will need to set up a user account on Microsoft’s administrator control panel. If we manage this, we will set this up for you. If you wish to use your usual email address we may need to prove to Microsoft that we have access (or your original domain registrant) has access to it. This is done by;

  • Microsoft gives us a random ID.
  • We send you this ID and instructions to send it to your DNS controller to insert it as a DNS TXT record for the domain you wish to use.
  • Once they have inserted the DNS record, and confirmed this with you, you then confirm it with us.
  • We then get back to the Microsoft administrator section for your domain and complete the domain ownership proof section.

When that has been completed and verified, we then log into your Microsoft administrator account online, and appropriate your teams licence to your username. At this point you will be sent an email to confirm completion of the setup and your username. We will send you, your password separately. Please note, the password will be for your Teams account and nothing else.

Multiple Microsoft accounts on your PC

It’s not a good is a to have multiple Microsoft accounts on your computer due to how easy it is to mix them up.

We have has a significant number of clients creating their own Teams installation and using credentials that do not match causing programs such as Teams to fail to load or Office to demand a licence even though it is fully licenced and so on.

If you are going to get Teams on your PC, best use the same login credentials as your Office suite to minimize the potential of the PC getting your licences mixed up.


If you are getting Office at the time of purchase, you should ensure that the Office licence includes Teams. ‘Microsoft 365 Business Standard’ and ‘Microsoft 365 Business Premium’ have Teams included. A stand alone licence may be purchased but remember, mixing Microsoft licences can cause a lot of hassle further down the line.

Using Teams

It is beyond our remit to support Teams further as it is relatively intuitive and we have had little or no support requests so far.

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