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Domain control panel

Access to our various domain control panel’s is strictly for Megganet and trusted partners and we are not looking for more partners.

Any changes to a domains DNS requested by mail providers or web host’s can only be carried out by Megganet. We have given control out in the past when we had a system for controlling access but on three separate occasions, they caused very serious problems.

One problem caused our mail server to crash so badly the decision was taken to replace it. On another occasion a web designer foolishly installed Joomla version 1.5 on its release. It was very buggy and attracted a virus which shut down the entire web server it was installed on and we had to rebuild the entire and restore the websites. The 3rd web server got an unapproved PHP script which caused the web server to get a spam engine loaded. The server was automatically taken offline living our clients without their web sites until the problem was resolved.

Ever since we introduced the ‘no 3rd party access’ and the ‘One Strike’ rule, our web server has remained extremely stable.

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