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Microsoft Exchange notes

Microsoft partner

Yes, Megganet is a Microsoft partner and we can provide the whole range of Microsoft software including Microsoft Exchange email.

Microsoft Exchange email service

This is the industrial standard for email.

With a datafile size of 50GB, there should be more than enough space for all your current and future needs. Email, contacts, and calendar are synchronised across all your devices – mobile phone, iOS/Apple phone, iPad, Chrome book etc. Outlook is not needed, in fact, Microsoft Windows is not needed for all the main features.

Each individual Microsoft Exchange email address is subject to a minimum of a 1 year contract and are provided in 1 year automatically renewing increments.

Notice of cancellation

We need a clear months notice to cease a Microsoft service. If you need to cease a Microsoft Hosted Exchange email service within a 12 month period, the remaining months will need to be paid for.

If you need to cease a Microsoft Hosted Exchange email service in month 13, you will still be liable to pay for it for the remaining 11 months.

This is part of Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience.

More on Microsoft NCE

For more information, click here.

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