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Standing Orders

A Standing Order is a method of paying for goods or services on a regular basis with a fixed fee.

Standing Orders are set up by the client and the recipient has no control over the date or amount nor can the recipient terminate a Standing Order.

We have discovered that sometimes when a client contacts their bank to have them amend or cease a Standing Order, the bank may not act on their instructions or may act after a Standing Order has transferred.

Once an overpayment has been discovered, we contact our client as soon as possible to let them know what has happened and discuss what to do about it. Also it is our policy to refund these overpayments by cheque as soon as this error has been made apparent. We have to use cheques as it is not possible to reverse a Standing Order.

If it is not possible to contact a client (they may have moved home or passed away, etc..), we have had to set a refund limit of £100 to stop the refunds from becoming unreasonable.

If a client’s Standing Order value needs to be amended (increases or decreases), we would ask them to cease the Standing Order and change the payment system from Standing Order to Direct Debit which avoids the need for the client to manually contact their bank to arrange amendments in the future.

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