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Cease a phone number

Our contract is only 30 days notice so just let us know when you wish to cease your number(s). When you port your number to Megganet, we issue the port request to your current provider. Your new provider is responsible for porting your number to them.

Procedure for ceasing a number

Phone Megganet before ceasing a number so we can go through the correct procedure and check off what related services may be affected. We need the person responsible for the management of th eservice to contact us in order to reduce the chances of fraud. Once a number is ceased or transferred to another provider, there is nothing we can do with it.

  • You confirm that you have backed up and retrieved all necessary data from your account.
  • You understand and accept all call recording data and settings for your account, including backups, will be deleted and cannot be restored.
  • You understand and accept that by cancelling your account, it cannot be un-done, after it takes immediate effect.
  • You understand and accept that no refunds will be given for services cancelled midway through their contractual billing period or any unused period already paid for.
  • You understand all associated numbers (where they exist) will cease. They may enter a quarantine window of 90 days and may be re-entered into our number pools.
  • You understand that you remain liable for any unbilled events such as call charges.
  • You understand that if you cease a number – it stays ceased. You cannot get it back for any reason.
  • You have authority to place this cease request.
  • We may ask for a letter from you to confirm you wish to cease your number. If the number is used by a business, we may request the cease on a company letterhead.

Messages and voicemail

Please delete or download any voicemail you may have on the system before your actual contract end date. Once the contract is terminated, these will not be recoverable. Due to privacy laws, we are unable to do this for you.


Porting a number out is the same fee as terminating a telephone service and the fee id the same. As of December 2023, this is £38 + VAT. This fee is to cover the fee imposed by Openreach.

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