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Move from redundant service to FTTP

Procedure for upgrading to an FTTP service

FTTP stands for Fiber To The Premises. Other technology’s use copper cables into the premises. In order to get a FTTP service installed, a new FTTP cable needs to be routed into your premises.

Since the new FTTP service and the copper services use incompatible hardware, it’s not possible to simply upgrade.

Location of the FTTP ONT

The ONT (Optical Network Terminal) can only be installed by an Openreach engineer. It is usually installed close to where the cable enters the premises. The ONT is powered by mains and requires a mains socket.

FTTP installation date

It is not possible to guarantee an FTTP installation date so we strongly recommend retaining your existing internet service until the FTTP service has activated fully. Unfortunately this will mean a one month overlap in fees. We have found that cabling an FTTP service to your premises does not mean it is immediately active and may take several days to be completed.

Once your FTTP service has gone live, we then cease your previous internet service.

If you have chosen to retain your phone number, you should have received your pre programmed phone before the old internet service is terminated.


There is a fair chance your existing router will work with some re programming however, there is also a fair chance it may not be powerful enough to handle the higher speeds of FTTP. If you are going for a speed above 80Mb, check that your router has gigabit network ports and a gigabit WAN port. The WAN port connects to the ONT and Megganet usually provide a yellow network cable for this.

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