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Openreach FTTP installation procedure

If you have ordered an FTTP installation, please read this carefully.

Firstly, thank you for your FTTP order.

The new FTTP service is completely unrelated form any current internet service you may have and they are treated completely independently. The new FTTP service will have its own separate contract and its 18 month minimum duration starts from the completed installation date.

This is the sequence of events and timescales of events leading up to your completed installation.

1 – We place the FTTP order with Openreach.

2 – We will email/txt the installation date to you when we get it from Openreach. The installation date will normally be 10 to 15 working days after we commit our order with Openreach.

If you don’t have access to your Megganet control panel, we will email / TXT / WhatsApp you your login credentials. You can then refer to your control panel to follow the installation stages and keep up to date.

3 – We only accept payments for the new FTTP services by Direct Debit and if you haven’t a Direct Debit mandate set up with us, we will be sending you an appropriate sign up form by email. We use GoCardless for this service so you will get the Direct Debit mandate signup form from them. Please fill it in and submit it as soon as possible.

4 – If you are currently using a Standing Order to pay us for other service(s), you must contact your bank and ask them to cease it. Please note, you may need to ask them a couple of times! Overpayments will be refunded.

5 – If you wish, you may, separately order or use your preferred router. The settings needed to configure it to work with our FTTP service will be in your welcome letter.

Otherwise, you will receive a replacement router and welcome letter detailing your new service. Please note, if you have an existing Megganet internet service with us, your existing router may well work with the new FTTP service.

Your current router may not work straight away with the new FTTP service without some reprogramming and we carry out this reprogramming AFTER your FTTP service is active. The router we send you is for the Openreach engineer to use to confirm your FTTP service is working.

6 – Someone will need to be present to admit the Openreach engineer to install the new (Optical Network Transceiver) ONT on your premises. This device will need mains power. If the router is to be placed beside it, it will also need mains power. Please choose this location carefully as the router should be placed where its Wi-Fi serves you best. There will need to be a network cable between the ONT and your Router.

Openreach can install the ONT within 1 meter of the cable entry point into your premises. If you must have the ONT in some particular location, ask the Openreach engineer as we have no influence over this.

If you need the cable to be ducted into your house, Openreach may be able to provide the pipe free but you will need to arrange the and pay for any groundworks. Openreach can do the groundworks but do get a quotation first.

Trees in the way? Openreach may cut some trees (with a diameter of no more than a person’s wrist) to clear cable routes. The Openreach engineer will decide on the day whether or not to call in a 3rd party to carry out any tree cutting and there may be a charge for this. You may also carry out the tree cutting at your expense.

If for any reason, the Openreach engineer is unable to get into your premises to install the ONT, they will charge (up to £130) for the callout and reschedule. So please make sure there is someone present to let them in.

If they do get access but need to come back to carry out extra work (Ground works, extra pole needed to get a cable to your premises etc..), they will arrange a date for this and they will not be charging for the work or additional callout. Use your control panel to monitor progress.

Also most Domestic FTTP users use it for TV viewing and if this is the case for you, it should be placed well within range of the appropriate TV. Some customers get the ONT and router installed behind the TV.

We always recommend that if you can connect a device (TV, Game box, Security system) to your internet service, it is best to use a network cable instead of relying on Wi-Fi where possible.

Please note that an Openreach engineer is only obliged to install the ONT up to 1 Meter inside your premises.

7 – If you were upgrading from an existing Megganet internet service, we arrange our own call out to complete the router installation and collect the surplus router.

If you order your VoIP service before the new FTTP is active, and the VoIP number transfers, then your old internet service will cease and you will be without internet until the new FTTP service activates.

8 – Now that your FTTP service is running, you can order your VoIP service (if needed) and / or cease your old internet service.

9 – Your old internet service will probably have a cessation fee and closing months service to wrap it up.

There are 3 ways of wrapping up your old services;
9a – If you have ordered a VoIP service using the same phone number as your landline, your landline and old internet service supplied on it will both cease when your phone number transfers to VoIP. Please note, you will be liable to pay for the old internet service up to and including the month it ceases and the internet cessation charge will apply.

9b – If you have not ordered VoIP and you wish to cease your phone number then you must contact your telephone line rental company and cease the telephone service with them. Once the phone line service ceases, the old internet service will automatically cease as well. Please note, you will be liable to pay for the old internet service up to and including the month it ceases and the internet cessation charge will apply.

9c – If you have not ordered VoIP and you wish to retain your phone number on your old line, you must cease your old broadband service manually. Please note, you will be liable to pay for the old internet service up to and including the month it ceases and the internet cessation charge will apply.

We find that 9 out of 10 installations complete first time and once installed our customers are very happy with the new high speed internet service.

As you will be having both running during the overlapping period, both services will need to be paid for, for the same month.

If you need any further explanation, please contact Megganet.

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