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Hosting a website

Hosting a website with your domain name

A domain name is an essential part of having a website, but it’s only part of the equation. In order to launch a website, you’ll also need content and a hosting service to store your files so they can be accessed on the internet. Remember that owning a domain name does not mean hosting is also included (Megganet includes web space).

Megganet web server

When we register a domain name, we normally put up a placeholder web page which is replaced with the website you get uploaded.

If you are a web designer, you must test the available technologies before committing to using our web server. We have had web designers uploading web sites which had incompatible components in the past which caused un necessary hassle and cost.

Megganet hosting your website where we host your domain name

Megganet host websites on a series of webservers in Germany and the UK and at the moment we support WordPress, My SQL and PHP as well as a few other technology’s. Clients who wish to use Megganet to host their website may request FTP username and password to get access to their web space. We provide your web designer with FTP IP, username, password, port number, security level etc according to our security policy.

Megganet hosting the website of a domain name hosted elsewhere

If you have a domain hosted with a 3rd party, you can still use our web server. The client would need to ask us first to make the space\folder available and we would give them a confirmation this has been done and we would provide them with our ‘A’ record and FTP details for them to pass on to their web designer.

Megganet have several web servers and host thousands of web sites, many of which were registered elsewhere. If you have a domain and you would like us to host the website, you just need to change your ‘A’ record in your DNS.

Client wishes to use 3rd party web server

This is where Megganet hosts the domain name and the client / web designer wishes to use a web server they are familiar with or our web server does not have support for their web site.

It is normal for legitimate web designers and web design company’s to use their own web server which is what I would recommend if possible. We will however alter the ‘A’ record so the website may be hosted on the web designers preferred website.

When the time comes to renew the web site with a different web server, the new web designer can send Megganet a new ‘A’ record.

One strike rule

If a web designer displays any sign of inexperience, disregard for security, incompetence, blatant over confidence, poor history, has immoral intent or we feel in any way that the web designer may be a danger to our web server, we will exercise out right to refuse to host the website.

Transferring domain name hosting to web designer

We do not recommend this as experience dictates you can find out when it is too late that you have no control over your domain. If a domain name hosting is transferred to a 3rd party web designer, they can do anything they want with your domain. We have moved web name hosting to web designers in the past and when they failed to create the domain the client wanted, they held the client to ransom – and we could not protect them.

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