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What is a Synology NAS?

The function of a NAS (Network Attached Storage) is at its most basic, a file sharing device.

Over the years, they have evolved into backup devices, data sharing over local networks and other minor server roles. As of the time of writing, don’t do SQL or other advanced functions,m although, some do provide a very basic email service.

The software is usually a customized form of Linux highly optimised for low power processors, offering sufficient power for the job. Remember, NAS is designed for sharing data, not processing it.

Realtime local PC backup.The Synology has a FREE program you can install on your connected computers which backs up every document, excel spreadsheet etc in selected folders. The backup takes place when you save your document on your PC.
File serverA shared folder can be created on a NAS which can be shared to local groups or local users. Users can only access permitted folders. This is the same as a Microsoft Windows server.
Backup cloud drivesDropbox, Onedrive, Google and many more cloud based data sharing platforms may all be backed up on your NAS.
Offsite backupIt is usual to pair a NAS with another, located offsite to act as a data mirror or backup. This way you are covered for your offsite backup.
Remote file syncIt is possible to sync files within certain folders with certain remote users – rather like Onedrive or Dropbox. Folders may be secured so that only specific users may have access to them.
MS Windows server backupCertain NAS’s have the FREE option of hosting a backup for remote MS Windows servers. Specific folders can be backed up using a regular schedule. Bit tricky for end users to set up.

The basic DS210j 1 bay NAS

The most basic NAS we resell, is the DS210j which can be used to store up to 8TB of online data. We usually supply these with an online backup contract which basically means, your data is stored in a 2nd location off site taking care of your offsite backup policy.

The SA6400 is the largest NAS we have installed (2 X SSD’s for the OS, in RAID 1 and 10 x 4TB Drives in RAID 5)

The SA6400 physically has more in common with a high end Windows server, with redundant PSU’s, expandable memory, hot swappable HDD’s etc. These rack mounted units are mostly used by our heavy engineering clients and are backed up using either a leased line or a full fibre connection to a matching model located elsewhere.

Synology DE418, the Megganet standard business model

We use this model a lot because of its upgradeability, massive capacity, RAID capabilities, reporting features, loads of backup options, hot swappable drives and so on. Synology DE418, the Megganet standard business model

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