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Email on your Domain

When you have your own domain

When you get your own Domain, you can set up professional email addresses on it. Anyone can set up a Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail email address so there is a lot more professionalism associated with a company name based domain.

Professional emails at your domain name can also help you boost your credibility and build your brand. For example, info@yourdomain.com can make your website seem more trustworthy and legitimate.

We first started hosting email in 1998 and our mail servers are presently processing about 1 million emails a week.

Types of email host

There are 2 main types of email hosting as follows;

Priced per service, not by the qty of email addresses you have.Priced by each email address you have.
Good for basic email needsComprehensive range of services, sharing email accounts, Contact list, Calendar sharing etc.
Easy to set up on PC and it has an excellent Android app.Works well on PC, Apple, Android, iOS.
Default 2GB data file but can opt for a 50GB datafile.Default 50GB data file but can be extended to unlimited.
A few of the differences between POP/IMAP and exchange

POP/IMAP email server for a domain name hosted elsewhere

We can host your email on any of our servers just by changing the MX records on your DNS server. Our native mail service is IMAP or POP and clients who have email hosted on of these services will have easy access to their email. Clients will also have access to an easy to set up and very stable mail app for Android or iOS. As we use standard protocells, with various levels of security, it should be possible to receive email using any standard mail software. If you get stuck, you can always use webmail.

Hosted or Microsoft Exchange email for a domain name hosted by Megganet

Both Exchange services are supported and details are elsewhere on this website.

Hosted or Microsoft Exchange email for a domain name hosted by a 3rd party

This is where the clients domain name is hosted by a 3rd party but the client needs Megganet to host the email. Since the Name Server (NS) is not hosted by Megganet then it is up to the NS host to adjust the MX record, autodiscover, CNAME and SPF (TXT) and any other records as needed at the time.

Moving mail server

Moving mail servers sounds simple enough but in the wrong hands, email, forwards, auto responses, calendar, contacts etc.. may be lost.

If the NS is hosted elsewhere, then we will not be able to make DNS changes.

Megganet can also host your email using our POP/IMAP SMTP, Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Exchange servers. Each of the 3 services, have advantages and disadvantages such as size of data files, cross system compatibility, control over security and system integration.

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