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IONOS IMAP email setup


Before you start, please ensure you have your full email address and your email address password. These details are referred to as your email credentials.

Set up Outlook with IMAP email

Click the right mouse button on the Windows button and type control. You should see a link to the Control Panel.

Control Panel

Once in the Control panel select Small Icons (Link at very top right of the window).

Control panel

Select Mail (Microsoft Outlook). Note it may also say Mail (32 Bit) or something closely resembling this.

The mail set up window

Select Show Profiles and select a new profile.

Adding and naming the new profile

The name you choose is just for yourself and doesn’t affect any settings within your email. My personal suggestion would be to use your full email address here as this will make it easier to identify later.

After you click OK you should be presented with this screen;

The Auto Account Setup screen

Ignore this and select Manual setup or additional server types and select Next >.

Choose account type – here select POP or IMAP

The account type we are after is IMAP so select POP or IMAP and select Next >

The Email Accounts window. Select the flap Email then Select New

From the row of flaps, select New to set up your email address.

The Change Account window

Here in the Change Account window, you can enter your email credentials.

Internet Email Settings

In the Internet Email Settings window, you can enter the senders details which can be seen on the recipients Outlook. In this case, they will see that the email comes from “Colum Maguire from Megganet”.

Outgoing Server window

Tick the square tick box that says My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. This provides some outgoing security.

Detailed settings

The following settings increase the level of security between your computer and the IONOS mail server.

Set your security settings in the Advanced screen.

Click OK and exit. The test email button will verify whether or not you have entered all the settings correctly.

When tested and OK, go back to the profile page and set your default profile to the new one. This makes Outlook use your new profile instead of the old one.

Making sure the new profile is your default

There is nothing to stop you from selecting Prompt for a profile to be used if you believe you may need to use the old profile for any reason.

Next, run Outlook and check your email is working as expected. If not, check your settings. If really stuck, get me to look at it by remote desktop.

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