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FTTP Order

Please fill in and submit this application for an FTTP service. Not all services are always available to all premises so it may not be possible to fulfil this order, however we will endeavour to offer you the best possible service.

Leave this field blank
Please enter your best contact land line phone number if you have one.
Megganet will use this to TXT you with updates and passwords.
For example, Unit 2
For example, 'The holdings', 'Brockagh House' etc.
For example 'No 23' or '104b' etc.
Target response time next working day, target fix time 40 hours.
Target response time 4 hours, target fix time 20 hours.
Please note the engineer will be provided by Openreach not Megganet. Once committed, it is very difficult to change a time slot if at all possible. When it it is possible, it will be chargeable. This is an Openreach charge to us which we pass on.

Thank you for your order. We will be in contact with you shortly to confirm your order. We will then be able to get you your initial installation date which may be 10 or 11 working days after this.

Router for the home user

Price does not include a router. If you wish to use your own router we will send you all the credentials you need. Note that some routers from other providers may be locked to their service and not suitable for your new service. All the routers we provide are unlocked.

Router for the Business user

It is possible to use domestic and professional grade routers interchangeably. However, professional routers do offer more features such as advanced configurability, advanced port forwarding, fine tuning performance and VoIP channel reservation etc. We provide the Draytek Vigour range for this and can offer some support for the more advanced features. Phone Megganet and we can discuss which router best suits you.

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