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Current internet services contract

This covers ADSL, FTTC, FTTP and SoGEA internet services.

ADSL, FTTP and FTTC SoGEA contracts are for a minimum of 18 months.


All broadband services are to be paid for by Direct Debit and you should have this filled in and submitted before we proceed with an order.

An Openreach installer may or may not need to call at your premises. If they call and are unable to gain entry for any reason, they will have to abandon the installation and a new appointment will need to be booked. Openreach charge for missed appointments and this is may be in the range of £130 + VAT.

An Openreach engineer is not under any obligation to contact a client prior to arrival and we are unable to contact them directly.

To avoid any unnecessary fees you should call us first on 077 8856 2087 if you are considering withdrawing any Megganet services.

If the internet service contract is active then the termination fees are made up of any remaining months due within contract plus £38 + VAT.

If the service is just about to end within the 18th month and you notify us in the 17th month, then there would be just the 18th month to pay for plus the obligatory £38 + VAT.

If the service is out of contract then there is just 30 days notice plus the obligatory £38 + VAT. This termination fee is imposed on ISP’s and is normally hidden in their contract.

If a client does not inform us in advance of terminating their contract the above fees will apply.

More information

The full set of available services, terms, conditions and fees are constantly changing and being reviewed. If you need a copy of the current phone and VoIP services contract, please send me a request by filling out and submitting the one line form below.

Contracts are private so we can only send the document to the email address registered for the relevant service.

Enter the registered email address here to request the relevant contract. If you have any difficulty, please phone Megganet on 028 8283 1111 and we will be happy to arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

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Thank you.

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