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Download, Install, Configure and use Jutsi Softphone

Jutsi is a very straight forward, basic softphone which is remarkably easy to install and configure.


Please ensure you the following information before you proceed. Please contact Megganet for your password and we will send it to you by TXT or WhatsApp.

  • Make sure your VoIP account is set up
  • VoIP username
  • VoIP password


Go to the Jitsi downloads page here.

Select ‘Microsoft Windows Installers’

The download is about 67Mb.

The Installer being downloaded using the Chrome browser – Microsoft Edge will be different
If you use Microsoft Edge to download Jitsi, it will look like this

When Edge has downloaded the installer, run it once.

If you use Chrome to download the installer, select Open from the options
Run the installer

Once downloaded, run the installer

Click next
Accept the terms as above
Accept the default folder and click Next
Make sure to tick Auto-start when the computer restarts or reboots

At the next screen click Install. At the next screen, select Yes to allow the App to make changes to your device.

Complete the installation

Levee the tick in the tick box to Launch Jitsi and select Finish.


If you get any references to Outlook, it will be for Jitsu to access your contacts form your Outlook.pst file. As you are using a .ost file format (Exchange server), you may safely ignore it.

Allow access

If you get the above security alert, you should click Allow access. This is a low level notification that a new program is being installed and needs an exception for your firewall.

Configure your SIP account – ignore the others

At this stage, you enter your username and password. The normal right mouse click does not work in Jitsi but CTRL + V does so you can use CTRL + V to paste your username and password. Only the SIP username and password are needed. We will normally send you (or your manager) your username in an email but for security reasons we must use a different technique to send you your password. Normally TXT or WhatsApp.

When you Close the application, you may get a notification that the Jitsi does not close fully as it needs to run in the background to receive incoming calls. You can check this with the icon at the bottom of your screen beside the clock.

If you have any difficulty setting this software or your equipment up, please call Megganet.

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